The Best Tools to Shape & Arrange your Bouquet

The Best Tools to Shape & Arrange your Bouquet

Posted by Monika Parafianowicz on Dec 3rd 2015

This month Monika is celebrating her 10th year as a florist in London.  After several years studying floristry and working with some of the best flower designers & event manager she branched out to open Quintessentially Flowers.  With a great team of florists, Quintessentially Flowers has become one of London's leading luxury online florist, with same day deliver across all of London.

Today, Monika is sharing with us the key tools of the trade and some of the tips she has picked up along the way:

Tools of the Trade:

  • Pruners: Every florist has a personal favourite pruner and these are an essential tool for cutting woody stemmed flowers, foliage and branches
  • Floral Knife: This is the Swiss army knife for florists. With multiple functions for trimming, cutting, reducing thorns, stems, leaves and branches
  • Small Handled Hammer: This idea for assisting to reduce the length of wood stems and to make the correct shaped cuts to allow the freshly cut flowers rehydrate in fresh water
  • Floral Shears: Similar to a hairdresser, this type pf shears is used to shape the bouquet and bring a symmetrical shape to a floral arrangement.  This require care and sharpening on a daily basis
  • Floral Tape: Available in many colours and thickness but mainly used to help keep stems together and aid the overall shape and appearance of your bouquet
  • Foam: You will have seen foam used in many floral arrangements, as it play a key role in hold your stems and flower arrangement in place while allowing the stems to hydrate.  Having used the floral hammer to cut the stems, they insert very easily into the foam

If you ever have a query on how best to look after your flowers, Monika and the team will be happy to take your call and share their knowledge with you.

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Happy Pruning!

Monika, Dorota & The Team