Chocolate Cosmos

Posted by Monika Parafianowicz on 24th Nov 2015

Flowering from mid to late summer the chocolate cosmos acquired its name from an unusual characteristic. Its natural scent has a bizarre similarity to the poignant aroma of chocolate. 

Stunningly delicate, the rich dark red & maroon brown petals balance precariously on a thin green stem, adding to its incredible beauty. 

The cosmos is a cultivated flower native to Mexico but isn’t widely used in the floristry industry. 

Apart from being fairly rare, this flower has a particularly short life span once cut, maintaining a fresh look for less than a day. 

This makes it a very fragile and unreliable material to use, but the thought of having a luxury chocolate essence bouquet is rather desirable!

The team is currently designing and creating some wonderful luxury floral arrangements and bouquets for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and of course for Valentines Day which is coming soon! 

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Monika, Dorota & The Team