Orchid by Day, Flowering Beauty by Night

Posted by Monika Parafianowicz on Jan 10th 2017

For the first time, a night flowering Orchid has been discovered by Dutch botanists. Found on an island near the Papua New Guinea, the Bulbophyllum nocturnum is the first Orchid species to flower nocturnally out of 25,000.

The remarkable Orchid has a very brief flowering life, opening from just a few hours after dusk, lasting only until a few hours after sunrise, making it rather tricky to catch sight of the full bloom.

The reason for its peculiar flowering pattern is yet to be discovered leaving budding botanists intrigued and keen to investigate. 

Incredibly, the flowers are thought to pollinate through miniscule flies, mistaking it for a fungi, as the Orchid flower mimics the look of the fungi. It is believed to hold a scent similar to the fungi to attract the insects whilst being undetectable by humans. Quite an incredible creation.

The unique Orchid was found in amongst a logging area, now thought to be holding an unknown amount of other undiscovered species tucked away in this secluded unexplored part of the world. 

Local environmentalists are desperately trying to preserve the area for further research development and protect the Orchids from being exposed to full sunlight, as this could potentially damage their flowering cycle. 

Exciting stuff and we’re hoping to find out more in the near future!

Monika, Dorota & The Team